Team Profile

Gabriel Suarez

Vice President of Operations|Project Management
Phone: 678.858.5256

Gabriel is the Senior Project Manager and head of project management for SterlingPillar. He is responsible for all aspects of project management to include, preparing client proposals (both budgetary and permit pricing), analyzing of project plans, working with sub-contractors, value engineering on projects, management of the onsite superintendents, project management, budgeting - literally all aspects of project management. He is passionate about the process and making certain that every client receives the best service and value on their respective project. He is a team player, working very closely not only with our clients but with the sub-contractors and forming partnerships with each along the way.

Gabe began his career in the commercial construction industry as a laborer and then on to superintendent, to project manager and now as senior project manager. By performing in each of these roles throughout his career, Gabe truly has a full hands on knowledge of the commercial project management role and how to build a successful team. Throughout his career he has overseen many projects in size from $100,000 - $4,000,000 and prides himself on delivering quality projects on time and within budget.